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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Mychordbook properly?

Learn the basic functions

How auto-follow works in chord sheets?

No need to scroll sheets anymore

How to use capo?

Select the easiest chords to play

How to use transpose (tone)?

Change the tone according to your voice

How to print chord sheets?

How to print chord pages properly

Vocal Range: What is it and how to use it?

Tell me your vocal range, I will tell you the tone you should sing

How to search songs based on Chords?

Learn to search songs with the chords you know

Are there mobile applications of Mychordbook for iPhone and Android phones?

Learn how to use Mychordbook as a mobile application

How to create a playlist?

Create your playlist of songs to use during your performance

Why there is no sound coming from Auto Playing Instrument?

Enable sound on song pages

Are there Keyboard Shortcuts?

Use Mychordbook very fast with shortcuts