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How to search songs based on Chords?

You can search songs based on chords they have. This is especially useful when you need to find songs to practice with certain chords or you want to browse songs that you can play with the chords you already know.

STEP 1: Go to Chords Page.

learn chords page

Learn Chords Page

STEP 2: Select a chord and click PLUS button under "Search Songs With Chords" section. It will add the chosen chord to your search list. Repeat this step for all the chords you want to search. Finally, click Search button (green button) when your search list is ready.

chord search list

Chords to be searched

STEP 5: When you click search button, Mychordbook will search all capo and transpose versions of songs to find the ones that you can play with the chosen chords. It will display the capo and transpose option for that song in order for you to play so that you can play difficult songs just by changing transpose or capo. Notice that the results are alphabetically sorted according to artist name and song title respectively.

chord search results

Chord Search Results