Zac Brown Band - Colder Weather chords

G0 G1 D2 G3 G4 D5 G6 G7 A8 2
G9 A10 D11 3She'd trade Colorado if he'd take her with him
G12 A13 D14 4Closes the door before the winter lets the cold in,
G15 A16 D17 G18 5And wonders if her love is strong enough to make him stay,
Em19 Em20 6She's answered by the tail lights
A21 D22 7Shining through the window pane
G23 D24 10He said I wanna see you again
G25 D26 11But I'm stuck in colder weather
G27 D28 12Maybe tomorrow will be better
A29 13Can I call you then
G30 D31 14She said you're ramblin' man
G32 D33 15You ain't ever gonna change
G34 D35 16You gotta gypsy soul to blame
A36 17And you were born for leavin'
G37 A38 D39 20At a truck stop diner just outside of Lincoln,
G40 A41 D42 21The night is black as the coffee he was drinkin',
G43 A44 D45 G46 22And in the waitress' eyes he sees the same 'ol light shinin',
Em47 Em48 23He thinks of Colorado
A49 D50 24And the girl he left behind him
G51 D52 27He said I wanna see you again
G53 D54 28But I'm stuck in colder weather
G55 D56 29Maybe tomorrow will be better
A57 30Can I call you then
G58 D59 31She said you're ramblin' man
G60 D61 32You ain't ever gonna change
G62 D63 33You gotta gypsy soul to blame
A64 34And you were born for leavin' (born for leavin')
G65 D66 37Well it's a winding road
A67 D68 38When your in the lost and found
G69 D70 39You're a lover I'm a runner
A71 40We go 'round 'n 'round
G72 D73 41And I love you but I leave you
G74 D75 42I don't want you but I need you
G76 D77 A78 43You know it's you who calls me back here babe
45Instrumental Break/Solo:
G79 G80 D81 G82 G83 D84 G85 G86 D87 A88 46
G89 D90 48Oh I wanna see you again
G91 D92 49But I'm stuck in colder weather
G93 D94 50Maybe tomorrow will be better
A95 51Can I call you then
G96 D97 52Cuz I'm a ramblin' man
G98 D99 53I ain't ever gonna change
G100 D101 54I gotta gypsy soul to blame
A102 55And I was born for leavin'
58And when I close my eyes I see you
59No matter where I am
A103 60I can smell your perfume through these whispering pines
G104 D105 61I'm with your ghost again
G106 D107 62It's a shame about the weather
G108 D109 63I know soon we'll be together
G110 D111 64And I can't wait till then
G112 D113 65I can't wait till then
G114 G115 D116 G117 G118 D119 G120 G121 D122 A123 D124
0 3 5 7 E B G D A E
  • C1
  • D1
  • E1
  • F1
  • G1
  • A1
  • B1
  • C2
  • D2
  • E2
  • F2
  • G2
  • A2
  • B2
  • C3
  • D3
  • E3
1 3 5 E B G D

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