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The Smiths - Stretch Out And Wait Chords

E0    B1        A2            B3
0      On the high-rise estate
      G#m4                         A5
1      What's at the back of your mind ?
                 E6         B7
2      Oh, on a three-day debate
            A8           B9
3      On a high-rise estate
      G#m10                         A11
4      What's at the back of your mind ?
           E12         B13        A14           B15
7      Two icy-cold hands conducting the way
                G#m16                 A17
8      It's the Eskimo blood in my veins
            E18             B19
9      Amid concrete and clay
           A20         B21
10      And general decay
       G#m22                      A23
11      Nature must still find a way
            E24     B25      A26             B27
14      So ignore all the codes of the day
                G#m28                  A29
15      Let your juvenile influences sway
       E30            B31
16      This way and that way and
       A32            B33
17      This way and that way
      G#m34              A35
18      God, how xxx implores you
19      To let yourself lose yourself
      C#m37              E38
22      Stretch out and wait
      C#m39              E40
23      Stretch out and wait
C#m41   B42                   A43         B44
24      Let your puny body lie down, lie down
      A45                  B46
25      As we lie, you say
26      As we lie, you say
27      Stretch out and ...
      C#m49              E50
28      Stretch out and wait
      C#m51              E52
29      Stretch out and wait
      B53                   A54         B55
30      Let your puny body lie down, lie down
      A56                  B57
31      As we lie, you say
                C#m58              F#59
32      Will the world end in the night time ?
                  A60         B61
33      - I really don't know -
                C#m62              F#63
34      Or will the world end in the day time ?
                  A64         B65
35      - I really don't know -
                C#m66              F#67
36      And is there any point ever having children ?
                  A68         B69
37      Oh, I don't know
             F#70                A71            B72
38      What I do know is we're here and it's Now
              E73               B74
41      So ... stretch out and wait
              A75        B76
42      Stretch out and wait
               G#m77                        A78
43      There is no debate, no debate, no debate
      E79            B80           A81         B82
44      How can you consciously contemplate
                 G#m83                A84
45      When there's no debate, no debate ?
                       E85            B86
46      Stretch out and wait
C#m87   B88               G#m89           A90
47      Stretch out and wait
                       E91            B92
48      Stretch out and wait
       E93          B94
49      Wait
       E95          B96
50      Wait
       E97          B98
51      Wait
       E99          B100         B101
52      Wait
      C#m102         F#103          Am104


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