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The Beatles - Hey Jude Chords

    F0                  C1       
0Hey Jude don't make it bad          
     F2 C73  C7sus44    C75      F6      
1Take a sad song  and make it better    
  A#7                          F8         
2Remember to let her into your heart     
		 C9                F10       ( Fmaj711 ) ( F712 )    
3And then you can start to make it better    
5Hey Jude don't be afraid    
6You were made to go out and get her    
7The minute you let her under your skin    
8Then you begin to make it better    
		         A#13       A#/A14   Gm15         
10And anytime you feel the pain hey Jude refrain    
      Gm716       C/E17       C18     F19       Fmaj720 F721    
11Don't carry the world upon your shoulders     
		              A#22       A#/A23     Gm24       
12For well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool    
    Gm725       C/E26     C27      F28    
13By making his world a little colder    
   F629    F730      C31  Csus432  CaddG33      C34  F35  C736    
15Da da da da da   Da  da    da   da     
17Hey Jude don't let me down     
18You have found her now go and get her    
19Remember to let her into you heart     
20Then you can start to make it better    
22So let it out and let it in hey Jude begin     
23Your waiting for someone to perform with    
24And don't you know that it's just you hey jude you'll do     
25The movement you need is on your shoulders    
27Hey Jude, don't make it bad  
28Take a sad song and make it better  
29Remember to let her under your skin  
30Then you'll begin to make it, better better better better better better, oh  
F37        D#38             
32Na na na na na na na    
A#39               F40    
33Na na na na, hey Jude    
35Fade out  


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