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Sublime - Badfish Chords

Intro: A0  Bm1  G2  A3  A4  Bm5  G6  A7
A8                         Bm9
2When you grab a hold of me
     G10                       A11
3Tell me I will never be set free
4But I'm a parasite,
       G13                          A14
5Creep and crawl I step into the night
6Two pints of booze,
         G16                      A17
7Tell me are you a bad fish too? -are you a badfish too?-
D18                           A19
16Ain't got no money to spend
D20                          A21
17I know the night will never end
D22                   A23
18Lord knows I'm weak
            D24                       E25
19Won't somebody get me off of this reef?
A26                           Bm27
22Baby you're a big blue whale
     G28                               A29
23Grab the reef when all duck diving fails
      Bm30                  G31
24I swim, but I wish I never learned
D32               G33              A34
25The water's too polluted with germs
D35 A36 34I dive deep when it's ten feet over head D37 A38 35Grab the reef from underneath my bed. -underneath my bed but- 43 D39 A40 44Ain't got not quarrels with God. D41 A42 45Ain't got no time to grow old. D43 A44 46Lord knows I'm weak. D45 E46 47Won't some body get me off of this reef? 48 Interlude: A47 Bm48 G49 A50 A51 Bm52 G53 A


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