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Stevie Wonder - All In Love Is Fair Chords

Intro:Dm0  Dm1  A#2  G#3  Gm4  Gm5
1Verse 1:
               Dm6    Dm7             Bm8
2All is fair in love; love's a crazy game.
    A#9            Am10       A711                G12
3Two people vow to stay, in love as one, they say.
    Gm13                  Dm14        Dm15              Bm16
4But all is changed with time; the future none can see.
    A#17                Am18      D719              Gm20  G21
5The road you leave be-hind; a-head lies myste-ry.
7Verse 2:
    A722             Dm23      Dm24          Bm25
8But all is fair in love, I had to go a-way.
  A#m26              F27     A728                G29
9a writer takes his pen, to write the words a-gain;
     Gm30             F31
10That all in love is fair.
12Verse 3:
A732               Dm33           Dm34             Bm35
13 All of fate's a chance; it's either good or bad,
  A#36                Am37      A738                 G39
14I tossed my coin to say; in love with me you'd stay.
16Verse 4:
    Gm40               Dm41        Dm42            Bm43
17But all in war is so cold; you either win or lose.
     A#44           Am45       D746                    Gm47 G48
18When all is put a-way; the losing side I'll play.
    A749             Dm50                  Dm51              Bm52
19But all is fair in love; I should have never left your side.
  A#m53              F54     A755                G56
20a writer takes his pen, to write the words a-gain;
     Gm57             F58
21That all in love is fair.
  A#m59              F60     A761                G62
22a writer takes his pen, to write the words a-gain;
     Gm63             F64
23That all in love is fair.
Outro: F65  A#66  A767  A768  Dm69


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