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Steve Earle - Someday Chords

    G0 C1 D2
    G3 C4 D5
    G6 C7 D8 G9
G10                                              C11  D12  G13
3There ain't a lot that you can do in this town
G14                                                       C15  D16 G17
4You drive down to the lake and then you turn back around
G18                                               C19  D20  G21
5You go to school and you learn to read and write
G22                                                           C23 D24 G25
6So you can walk into the county bank and sign away your life
G26                                                  C27 D28 G29
7Now I work at the fillin station on the interstate
G30                                                  C31  D32 G33
8I'm pumpin gasoline and countin out of state plates
G34                                                                C35 D36 G37
9They ask me how far into Memphis son and where's the nearest beer
G38                                                    C39 D40 G41
10They don't even know that there's a town around here
Em42  C43       D44             G45
13Someday I'm finally gonna let go
Em46      C47              D48      G49
14Cause I know there's a better way
Em50    C51                 D52         G53
15And I wanna know what's over that rainbow
G54   D55         C56           D57       G58 C59 D60       G61  C62 D63 G64
16I'm gonna get out of here someday       someday
G65                                                      C66  D67 G68
19Now my brother went to college cause he played football
G69                                                    C70 D71 G72
20I'm still hangin' round cause I'm a little bit small
G73                                                C74 D75 G76
21I got me a 67 Chevy she's low and sleek and black
22Someday I'll put her on that interstate and never look back
Em78  C79       D80             G81
24Someday I'm finally gonna let go
Em82      C83              D84      G85
25Cause I know there's a better way
Em86   C87                 D88         G89
26And I wanna know what's over that rainbow
G90    D91        C92             D93
27I'm gonna get out of here someday
G94    D95        C96             D97    G98   C99  D100    G101
28I'm gonna get out of here someday
G102        C103    D104   G105         C106    D107    G108   C109   D110   G111
29Someday           someday


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