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Simon And Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water Chords

             C0       F1           C2
0 When you're weary,        feeling small,
F3      A#4    F5   C6          F7             C8         F9    C10     F11
1 When tears are in your eyes,     i will dry them all;
C12     G13   Am14      G15              F16    C17
2 I'm on your side.    when times get rough
C718                  F19    D20   G21
3 And friends just can't be found,
C722        F23      F#24     C25    A7sus426 A727   F28
4 Like a Bridge over troubled wa-ter
         E729      Am30
5 I will lay me down.
C731        F32      F#33     C34   A7sus435 A736   F37
6 Like a Bridge over troubled wa-ter
         G38   G739  C40
7 I will lay me down.
10 When you're down and out,
                      C41     F42
11 When you're on the street,
        A#43 F44     C45       F46
12 When eve-ning falls so hard
         C47          F48    C49    F50
13 I will comfort you.
C51       G52    Am53      G54
14 I'll take your part.
15 When darkness comes
C756             F57  D58   G59
16 And pains is all a-round,
C760        F61      F#62     C63    A7sus464 A765   F66
18 Like a Bridge over troubled wa-ter
         E767     Am68
19 I will lay me down.
C769        F70      F#71     C72     Am73     F74
20 Like a Bridge over troubled water
         Am75  E776  Am77   D778
21 I will lay me down.
F79    Am80    F81    Fm82    C83    F84
C85    F86    C87    F88
            C89           F90
26 Sail on silvergirl,
27 Sail on by.
F92      A#93   F94    C95       F96
28 Your time has come to shine.
            C97                  F98      C99    F100
29 All your dreams are on their way.
C101     G102    Am103   G104
30 See how they shine.
31 If you need a friend
C7106             F107    D108  G109
32 I'm sailing right be-hind.
C7110        F111   Fmaj7112 D113   C114       Am115     F116
33 Like a Bridge over troubled water
         E117   E7118   Am119     D120
34 I will ease your mind.
       C121     F122    Fm123    C124
35 your mind


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