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Simon And Garfunkel - April Come She Will Chords

G0      C1        G2   C3 G4
0April, come she will
Am5               Em6
1When streams are ripe and swelled with rain
C7   D8           G9    Em10
2May,   she will stay
Am11      Em12    Am13   Em14     G15  C16  G17  C18 G19
3Resting in my arms again
G20     C21                 G22     C23 G24
4June, she'll change her tune
Am25          Em26          Fmaj727     Em28
5In restless walks she'l prowl the night
C29     D30        G31    Em32
6July, she will fly
Am33           Em34      Am35     Em36     G37  C38  G39  C40 G41
7And leave no warning of her flight
G42       C43       G44      C45 G46
8August, die she must
Am47         Em48         Fmaj749      Em50
9The autumn winds blow chilly and cold
C51  D52            G53    Em54
10September, I'll remember
Am55          Em56      D57   G58
11a love once new has now grown old


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