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Sam Smith - Like I Can Chords

              Gm0           F1     A#2 
0He could be a sinner, or a gentleman 
                   Gm3                 F4       A#5 
1He could be your preacher, when your soul is down 
                  Gm6          F7        Dm8      
2He could be your lawyer on a witness stand but 
Cm9                   Gm10     D#11     A#12 
3He'll never love you like I can can 
5He could be a stranger, he gave a certain glance 
6He could be a trophy, of a one night stand 
7He could have your humor, but I don't understand cause 
8He'll never love you like I can can can 
F13                        Dm14             Gm15 
10Why are you looking down all the wrong roads 
D#16                              Gm17           F18 
11When mine is the heart and the soul of the song 
F19                        Dm20             Gm21 
12There may be lovers who hold out their hands but 
Cm22                    A#maj723 D#24        A#25 
13He'll never love you like I can can can 
15A, chance encounter of circumstance 
16Baby he's a mantra, keeps your mind entranced 
17He could be the silence in this mayhem, but then again 
18He'll never love you like I can can can 
  Gm26                     F27         A#28 
20We both have demons, that we can't stand 
   Gm29                     F30      A#31 
21I love your demons, like devils can 
    D#maj732                 F33      A#34 
22If you're still seeking an honest man 
      Cm35            D36        D737               
23And stop deceiving Lord please 


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