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Robert Plant - Ship Of Fools Chords

Intro - x4 -: Em0 G1 C2 Bm3
Em4             G5               C6       Bm7
1  On waves of love my heart is breaking
Em8                  G9
2 And stranger still my self-control
Am10               D11
3I can't rely on anymore
Em12           G13                     C14       Bm15
4  New tides surprise my world it's changing
Em16                 G17
5 Within this frame an ocean swells
Am18                D19
6Behind this smile I know it well
Interlude: Am20 A21 Am22
Em23            G24              C25      Bm26
9  Beneath a lover's moon I'm waiting
Em27               G28
10 I am the pilot of the storm
Am29                 D30
11Adrift in pleasure I may drown
Em31              G32            C33    Bm34
12  I built this ship it is my making
Em35                G36
13 And furthermore my self-control
Am37              D38
14I can't rely on anymore
Am39      G40  Am41     G42 D43
17I know why I know why
G44        Em45          D46
18Crazy on a ship of fools
Cadd947              G48
19Crazy on a ship of fools
Em49               G50
20  Turn this boat around
Em51                G52
21 Back to my loving ground
C53      Bm54
22Oh no oh no
Em55                G56            C57    Bm58
25  Who claims that no man is an island
Em59                  G60
26 While I land up in jeopardy
Am61                   D62
27More distant from you by degrees
Em63            G64        C65       Bm66
28  I walk this shore in isolation
Em67              G68
29 And at my feet eternity
Am69                 D70
30Draws ever sweeter plans for me
Am71      G72  Am73     G74 D75
33I know why I know why
G76        Em77          D78
34Crazy on a ship of fools
Cadd979                 G80
35Oh Crazy on a ship of fools
Em81               G82
36  Turn this boat around
Em83                 G84
37 Back to my loving ground
C85       Bm86           A87
38Oh no oh no ship of fools


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