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Rebecca Sugar - All Gummed Up Inside Chords

A0                          A71       Dm2          A#73
0I can't keep pushing this down any deeper,
A4              A75                Dm6              A#77
1Why do I keep trying if I can't keep her?
A8             A79
2Every move I make,
3Is just another mistake,
4I wonder what it would take,
                                F#m12              C#713
5Because it feels like there's a hole inside my body,
                F#m14             C#715
6Like there's a hole inside my heart.
                 F#m16               C#717
7It's like this feeling is gonna consume me,
           F#m18                        C#719
8If I keep waiting for this thing to start.
                     A20              Dm21
9Oh, I feel like I'm all gummed up inside,
               A22              Dm23
10It's like I'm all gummed up inside,
                   A24           Dm25      A26
11It's like I'm all gummed up insi-iii-iide


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