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Owl City - This Isnt The End Chords

   D#0                         G#1       D#2
0An eight year old girl had a panic attack
          D#3                         G#4            A#5
1Cause the father she loved left and never looked back
   G#6                   A#7       Cm8   D#9
2No longer the hero she counted on
   G#10                         A#11            D#12
3He told her he loved her and then he was gone
    D#13                      G#14               D#15
6She tried to look happy in front of her friends
    D#16                          G#17       A#18
7But knew that she'd never feel normal again
    G#19                             A#20          Cm21    D#22
8She fought back the tears as they filled her eyes
    G#23                       A#24            D#25
9She wanted him back just to tell him goodbye
          G#26           Cm27
12When the rain falls down
         G#28          A#29
13When it all turns around
          G#30          Cm31
14When the light goes out
15This isn't the end
    F33                       A#34         F35
18Her dad was a good guy that everyone liked
    F36                  A#37       C38
19But nobody knew he was dying inside
   A#39                        C40    Dm41     F42
20He promised his family he'd be alright
    A#43                      C44           F45
21And then with a gunshot he left them behind
          A#46           Dm47
24When the rain falls down
         A#48          C49
25When it all turns around
          A#50          Dm51 -x2-
26When the light goes out
27This isn't the end -no oh-
    G53                   C54       G55
30The role of a father he never deserved
    G56                         C57       D58
31He abandoned his daughter and never returned
    C59                         D60        Em61     G62
32And over the years though the pain was real
    C63                       D64          Em65   D66
33She finally forgave him and started to heal
    G67                         C68       G69
36How close is the ending? Well nobody knows
    G70                      C71        D72
37The future's a mystery and anything goes
C73                     D74       Em75    G76
38Love is confusing and life is hard
    C77                       D78                Em79   G80
39You fight to survive 'cause you made it this far
     C81                     D82      Em83    G84
40It's all too astounding to comprehend
     C85                        D86          Em87    G88
41It's just the beginning, this isn't the end
     C89                        D90          G91
42It's just the beginning, this isn't the end


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