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Never Shout Never - Sweet Perfection Chords

0Verse 1:
      C0                           F1             G2     C3        C4
1Last night was a thriller, was a killer, was a damn good time.
  C5                        F6              G7        C8     C9
2I met a pretty girl and I wanted to make her mine.
     C10                         F11          G12           C13       C14
3So I took her for a walk and damn, that girl could talk.
                  C15               F16         C17             F18
4But talked about all the pretty things and all the s----y things
     C19               F20          G21   C22          Cm23
5and all the little things that fall between.
Chorus - Am24 | F25 | C26 | C-Cm27 -:
    Am28           F29
7And oh, pretty girl,
    C30                C31
8I know that I just met you,
Cm32     Am33                 F34
9But I might just dare to say
       C35            C36     Cm37
10That I love you.
    Am38           F39
11And oh, sweet perfection,
         C40              C41
12Wont you hear my one confession?
 Cm42        Am43 F44            C-F-E-D45   C-F-G-G46
13Ive been lost, but dear, Im found.
    C47 C48 F49 F50
           C52                F53            G54
17Ive been lookin for a girl just like you:
          C55                   F56            G57
18You got words to say, but no point to prove.
        C58                F59        G60
19You got me and thats enough for you,
      C61     F62    C63
20And girl, I got you.
          C64                       F65        G66
21Ive been lookin for a heart thats so complete,
    C67                 F68       G69
22So satisfied with the little things.
      C70               F71        G72
23I got you and thats enough for me,
    C73    F74        C75
24So girl, cant ya see
      F76      C77
25That you and me
      F78      C79
26Could be so free
    F80       C81
27And live happy?
    F82       G83            C84       Cm85
28So take my hand and lets run.
    Am86           F87
31And oh, pretty girl,
    C88                C89
32I know that I just met you,
Cm90     Am91                 F92
33But I might just dare to say
       C93            C94     Cm95
34That I love you.
    Am96           F97
35And oh, sweet perfection,
         C98              C99
36Wont you hear my one confession?
 Cm100        Am101 F102            C-F-E-D103 x3   C-F-G-G104
37Ive been lost, but dear, Im found.
    C105 C106 F107 F108


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