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Mumford And Sons - Liar Chords

Fmaj70        G1              C2
1I know that things are broken
Fmaj73         G4                           C5
2And though there's too many words left unsaid
 Fmaj76      G7       Am8
3You say you have spoken
             Fmaj79 G10             C11
4Like the coward I am, I hang my head
6Verse - same as first -:
7And you lay careless your head on my chest
8And don't even look at me looking my best
9And all these things I can't describe
10You would rather I didn't try
       F12        G13  Am14  G15   C16         G17         C18
13But please don't cry, you liar
       F19        G20  Am21  G22   C23         G24         C25
14Oh please, don't cry, you liar
16Verse - same as first -:
17They told me love was a fortress
18And I had never put it to the test
19And all the while I relied on this honesty
20Well in love we are but amateurs at best
       F26        G27  Am28  G29   C30         G31         C32
23But please don't cry, you liar
       F33        G34  Am35  G36   C37         G38         C39
24Oh please, don't cry, you liar
       F40        G41  Am42  G43   C44         G45         C46
25Oh please, don't cry, you liar
       F47        G48  Am49  G50   C51         G52         C53
26Oh please, don't cry, you liar
28Verse - same as first -:
29You're leaving for your last kiss
30And who in this world could ask me to resist
31Your hands cold as they find my neck
32All this love that I've found I detest


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