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Mumford And Sons - Babel Chords

Intro: D0
      Bm1        Bm2       Bm3          Bm4
2Cos i know that time has numbered my days
         Bm5  Bm6        G7    G8         D9    G10    D11    G12    D13    G14    D15    G16
3And I'll go along with everything you say
         Bm17        Bm18       Bm19         Bm20
4But I'll ride home laughing Look at me now
            Bm21          Bm22
5Through the walls of my town
          G23    G24    D25    G26    D27    G28    D29    G30    D31    G32
6they come crumbling down
       Bm33            Bm34         Bm35     Bm36
9And my ears hear the call of my unborn sons
      Bm37        Bm38     G39      G40        D41    G42    D43    G44    D45    G46    D47    G48
10And I know that coices colour all I've done
         Bm49         Bm50         Bm51         Bm52
11But I'll explain it all to the watchman's son
        Bm53    Bm54           Bm55     Bm56       D57    G58    D59    G60    D61    G62    D63    G64
12I ain't never lived a year better spent in Love
         Bm65      A66         D67       G68
15Cos I'll know my weakness, know my voice
    Bm69      A70       D71         G72      A73
16And I'll believe in grace and choice
      Bm74      A75       D76        G77
17And I know perhaps my heart is fast
    Bm78      A79        D80     G81     A82
18But I'll be born without a mask
Interlude: D83    G84    D85    G86    D87    G88    D89    G90
         Bm91        Bm92          Bm93           Bm94
21Like the city that nurtured my greed and my Pride
  Bm95         Bm96   G97 G98      D99    G100    D101    G102    D103    G104    D105    G106
22I stretch my arms into the sky
      Bm107     Bm108    Bm109         Bm110
23I cry Babel, Babel look at me now
            Bm111          Bm112
24Through the walls of my town
         G113    G114    D115    G116    D117    G118    D119    G120    D121    G122
25The come crumbling down
        Bm123            Bm124
28You ask where will we stand
       Bm125              Bm126
29in the winds that will have
   Bm127     Bm128       G129      G130      D131    G132    D133    G134    D135    G136    D137    G138
30as all we see will slip into the cloud
        Bm139             Bm140           Bm141             Bm142
31So come down from your mountain and stand where we been
    Bm143       Bm144        G145            G146   D147    G148    D149    G150    D151    G152    D153    G154
32You know our breath is weak and our body thin
D155        G156              D157
35Press my nose up to the glass
36around your heart
D159          G160           G161      G162        D163
37I shoul've known I was weaker from the start
D164                 G165                A166       G167      Bm168
38You'll build your walls and I will play my bloody part
   Bm169    Bm170   G171    D172
39To tear, tear them down
               Bm173    G174    G175    D176
40Well I'm gonna tear, tear them down
         Bm177      A178         D179       G180
43Cos I'll know my weakness, know my voice
    Bm181      A182       D183         G184      A185
44And I'll believe in grace and choice
      Bm186      A187       D188        G189
45And I know perhaps my heart is fast
    Bm190      A191        D192     G193     A194
46But I'll be born without a mask
    D195    G196    D197    G198    D199    G200    D201    G202
    D203     G204     D205     G206    D207    G208     D209


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