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Misc Traditional - Jingle Bell Rock Chords

D0            Dmaj71        D62                D3           D#dim4
0Jingle-bell, Jingle-bell, Jingle-bell Rock. Jingle-bell swing and
 Em5          A76    Em7          A78        Em9         A710
1Jingle-bell ring. Snowin' and blowin' up bushels of fun.
Em11       A712                   D13            Dmaj714         D615
2Now the jingle-hop has begun. Jingle-bell, Jingle-bell, Jingle-bell Rock.
D16            D#dim17    Em18          A719
3Jingle-bells chime in Jingle-bell time.
Em20          A721          Em22         A723        Em24     A725     D26 Em27 D28
4Dancin' and prancin in Jingle-bell Square  in the frosty air.__
D29             G30                                   G#dim31                   D32
7__     What a bright_ time,__ it's the right__ time__ to rock the night away.
          E733                                          A734  tacet
8Jingle-bell__ time__ is a swell time__  to go glidin' in a one-horse sleigh.
D35             Dmaj736      D637                D38                   F#m739     B740
9Giddy-ap, jingle horse pick up your feet.__  Jingle around the clock.
G41                                Gm42
10Mix and mingle in a jin-gl-in' beat.__
    E743       A744          D45
13 That's the Jingle-bell Rock.
    E746      A747           E748         A749           E750         A751          D52
14 that's the jingle-bell  that's the jingle-bell  that's the Jingle-bell Rock.


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