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Miranda Lambert - Greyhound Bound For Nowhere Chords

D0           D1               G2      G3
0Rain on the window makes me lonely
D4                 D5          G6      G7
1And time keeps on passing so slowly
     A8               F#9            Bm10        G11
2The old man sitting next to me is fallin' asleep
      D12         A13         D14
3On a greyhound bound for nowhere
D15               D16       G17        G18
6The sun's going down on my misery
D19               D20        G21                 G22
7Another day gone by with broke down dreams
       A23                  F#24            Bm25            G26
8That cell phone out here ringin I keep wishin it was you
      D27         A28         D29
9On a greyhound bound for nowhere
      G30                  A31       D32                D33
12That ring that you were wearing don't mean everything
         G34                  A35              D36                   A37
13And the way that you stood staring as you watched me roll away
Bm38                A39
14She loves you and you need me
             G40                    G41
15But there's some things we can't share
          D42          A43        D44
16I'm on a greyhound bound for nowhere
    G45          A46             D47
19And I'm gonna find someplace I can ease my mind
Em748                         A49
20And try to heal my wounded pride
D50           D51                     G52      G53
23Rain on the window and I'm still lonely
D54                  D55         G56      G57
24And time keeps on passing so slowly
A58                   F#59                    Bm60             G61
25You're with her and I'm alone and you're wishin' I was there
           D62         A63        Bm64     G65
26I'm on a greyhound bound for nowhere
                D66         A67         D68
27We're all on a greyhound bound for nowhere


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