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MGMT - I Found A Whistle Chords

G0             Em1           C2            Em3
0Hey I found a whistle that hangs like a charm
G4              Em5                    C6           D7
1   And when my noose is tied I could blow it and fall down into your
Bm8            A9            Bm10              F#711
2Arms. fifteen centuries of dissolution and grief
     G12             D13               C14
3to return a yellow trickster and a thief
6-repeat same chord pattern for all Verses-
8Yeah I found a whistle that works every time
9that's when the trail escapes to nowhere
10and the flood erases the crime
11such conviction
12to paint all the wall with the blood
13of the young and the faithful and the good
15Hey I found a whistle as thin as sheet
16to split the dumbness of a vision
17between s asleep and a sleep
18tiny axes
19repeatedly raising the flag
20all ignored, real emotion's such a drag
22Yeah I've got a pistol that's aimed at your heart
23and on dark nights when the moon is right
24I could show you
25the head attached with a scarf
26aerophane sorceress, at home obeying the fates
27when it's gone, has it gone all the way?
     G15              D16            C17           G18
30This time I found a whistle that works every time
G19              D20            C21      B722
31Yeah I found a whistle that works, hangs like a charm
G23         D24            C25           G26
32I found a whistle that works every time
G27              D28            C29      B730
33Yeah I found a whistle that works, closes my eye every-
C31                     D32                        G33
time. A34 whistle, I forgot it, I forgot it this time


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