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Lawson - Juliet Chords

Intro: Bm0  G1  D2  F#m3
Bm4             G5
2People stop to turn and stare
D6              F#m7
3Everywhere she goes
Bm8               G9
4Dollar signs and crimson hair
D10              F#m11
5She will steal your soul
Bm12             G13
6Set aside some billionaires
D14                F#m15
7All she wants is gold
Bm16                 G17
8She is straight up rock and roll
D18                   F#m19
9I'm telling you she knows
11Interlude: -x2-:
Am20 F21 C22
12She know oh oh oh ee oh oh
Bm23                  G24
15Nobody does it like Juliet
D25               F#m26
16Juliet what you do to me
Bm27                     G28
17The way she does it is criminal
D29                 F#m30
18Physical and it’s killing me
Bm31                  G32
19Nothing on in these allegations
D33                 F#m34
20She know oh oh oh ee oh oh
Bm35                  G36
21Nobody does it like Juliet
D37               F#m38
22Juliet you were hard to me
Interlude: Bm39  G40  D41  F#m42
25Verse -same as first-:
26Pulls you with her perfect smile
27Pretty soon you’re done
28One more sock compares the price
29Thinking you’re the one
30Many men have tried and failed
31Captured by her bold
32Stay away from Juliet
33You will lose control
35Interlude: -x2-:
Am43 F44 C45
36She know oh oh oh ee oh oh
Bm46                  G47
39Nobody does it like Juliet
D48               F#m49
40Juliet what you do to me
Bm50                     G51
41The way she does it is criminal
D52                 F#m53
42Physical and it’s killing me
Bm54                  G55
43Nothing on in these allegations
D56                 F#m57
44She know oh oh oh ee oh oh
Bm58                  G59
45Nobody does it like Juliet
D60               F#m61
46Juliet you were hard to me
48Interlude -x4-:
Bm62 G63 -repeat-
49She know oh oh oh ee oh oh
501 2 3 4
Bm64                  G65
53Nobody does it like Juliet
D66               F#m67
54Juliet what you do to me
Bm68                     G69
55The way she does it is criminal
D70                 F#m71
56Physical and it’s killing me
Bm72                  G73
57Nothing on in these allegations
D74                 F#m75
58She know oh oh oh ee oh oh
Bm76                  G77
59Nobody does it like Juliet
D78               F#m79
60Juliet you were hard to me


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