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Johnny Flynn - Hong Kong Cemetery Chords

          Dm0                     C1                    F2        C3
0There are ten thousand graves in Hong Kong Protestant Cemetery
      Dm4                         C5                          F6      C7
1Every one of them says "born and died, and the rest might be history"
A#8                 C9
2Walking there I'd cry
       A#10                C11
3For my love was there to lie
A#12                           F13
4I never knew shame to be so refreshing
         A#14                                       F15
5I'd sing Georgia on my mind, she would be "i'd be regressing"
Dm16    C17
8- I'm alright! -
F18     C19
9- I'm alright! -
Dm20    C21
10- I'm alright! -
F22     C23
11- I'm alright! -
        Dm24                       C25                      F26   C27
14Was the day of the boats for the fellas in coats in the Navy
       Dm28                        C29                             F30   C31
15They'd be all around, change the face of this town cos they're lazy
A#32              C33
16Nineteen-fifty two
        A#34               C35
17was the year that I lost you
A#36                             F37
18I was with the soldiers in the school hall
A#38                                        F39
19Didn't know that you were ill, you didn't seem off
Dm40    C41
22- I'm alright! -
F42     C43
23- I'm alright! -
Dm44    C45
24- I'm alright! -
F46     C47
25- I'm alright! -
G48               G49     Dm50     C51       F52                C53
28Don't go, China show, new so blue so who's aboard the boats these days
      G54                    Dm55                F56         C57
29Some people are fixing the terrible mixing the crew of old whose sailors say
Interlude - whistling -: Dm58  G59   F60  C61    Dm62   G63   F64  C65
      Dm66             C67                          F68        C69
34Your life might be a mess of lights when you're on your own
        Dm70                        C71                       F72           C73
35But the lights you'll see form a line that'll be pointing all the way home
A#74         C75
36I was here before
    A#76             C77
37My name was on the door
A#78                                F79
38Took a score of years to get to your seat
A#80                                      F81
39I'll send the next in line, he'll be a clean sheet
Dm82    C83
42- I'm alright! -
F84     C85
43- I'm alright! -
Dm86    C87
44- I'm alright! -
F88     C89
45- I'm alright!
Dm90    C91
46- I'm alright! -
F92     C93
47- I'm alright! -
Dm94    C95
48- I'm alright! -
F96     C97
49- I'm alright!


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