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Jennifer Lawrence - The Hanging Tree Chords

    Am0       Dm1
0Are you, are you
Am2             E3
1Coming to the tree
         Am4            Dm5
2Where they strung up a man
     E6           Am7
3They say murdered three.
Am8                 F9
4Strange things did happen here
      Am10              E11
5No stranger would it seem
      Am12        Dm13
6If we met up at midnight
E14             Am15
7In the hanging tree.
 Am16       Dm17
10Are you, are you
Am18             E19
11Coming to the tree
      Am20            Dm21
12Where the dead man called out
 E22           Am23
13For his love to flee.
Am24                 F25
14Strange things did happen here
      Am26              E27
15No stranger would it seem
      Am28        Dm29
16If we met up at midnight
E30             Am31
17In the hanging tree.
    Am32       Dm33
20Are you, are you
Am34             E35
21Coming to the tree
       Am36            Dm37
22Where I told you to run,
 E38           Am39
23So we'd both be free.
Am40                 F41
24Strange things did happen here
      Am42              E43
25No stranger would it seem
      Am44        Dm45
26If we met up at midnight
E46             Am47
27In the hanging tree.
    Am48       Dm49
30Are you, are you
Am50             E51
31Coming to the tree
       Am52            Dm53
32Wear a necklace of rope,
 E54           Am55
33Side by side with me.
Am56                 F57
34Strange things did happen here
      Am58              E59
35No stranger would it seem
      Am60        Dm61
36If we met up at midnight
E62             Am63
37In the hanging tree.


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