Jay Z - Young Forever ft Mr Hudson chords

Intro: C0  G1  Am2  F3  G4  Dm5  F6  Am7  - G8  Am9  C10 -
1-Mr. Hudson-
C11 G12 2Let's dance in style
Am13 3Let's dance for a while
F14 G15 4Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies
Dm16 F17 5Hoping for the best but expecting the worst
Am18 G, Am, C19 6Are you gonna drop the bomb or not
G20 Am21 7Let us die young or let us live forever
F22 G23 8We don't have the power but we never say never
Dm24 9Sitting in the sandpit
F25 10Life is a short trip
Am26 G27 Am28 C29 11The music's for the sad man
C30 G31 Am32 14Forever young I wanna be
F33 15Forever young
G34 Dm35 16Do you really want to live forever,
F36 Am37 - G38 Am39 C40 - 17Forever and ever
C41 G42 Am43 18Forever young I wanna be
F44 19Forevery young
G45 Dm46 20Do you really want to live forever,
F47 Am48 - G49 Am50 C51 - 21Forever, forever
C52 G53 24So we livin life like a video
Am54 F55 25Where the sun is always out and you never get old
G56 26and the champaign is always cold
Dm57 27and the music is always good
F58 Am59 28and the pretty girls just happen to stop by in the hood
- G, Am, C60 - G61 29and they hop they pretty ass up on the hood of that pretty ass car
Am62 30without a wrinkle in today
F63 31cuz there is no tomorrow
G64 32just a picture perfect day
Dm65 33that last a whole lifetime
F66 34and it never ends
Am67 - G,Am,C68 - 35Because all we have to do is hit rewind
C69 G70 36so lets just stay in the moment smoke some weed drink some wine
Am71 F72 37reminisce talk some xxxx forever young is in your mind
G73 Dm74 38leave a mark they can't erase. Neither space nor time
F75 39So when the director yells cut
Am76 40I'll be fine
- G77 Am78 C79 - 41I'm forever young
C80 G81 Am82 44Forever young I wanna be
F83 45Forever young
G84 Dm85 46Do you really want to live forever,
F86 Am87 - G, Am, C88 - 47Forever and ever
C89 G90 Am91 48Forever young I wanna be
F92 49Forevery young
G93 Dm94 50Do you really want to live forever,
F95 Am96 - G97 Am98 C99 - 51Forever, forever
- G100 Am101 C102 - G103 54Fear not where, fear not why, fear not much while we're alive
Am104 55Life is for living not living uptight
F105 56Until you're somewhere up in the sky
G106 Dm107 F108 57Fear not die I'll be alive for a million years bye bye are not for legends
Am109 58I'm forever young my name shall survive
- G, Am, C110 - G111 59Through the darkest blocks, over kitchen stoves, over Pyrex pots, My name
Am112 F113 60shall be passed down to generations while debatin' up in barber shops
G114 Dm115 F116 61Young slung, hung here, Showed that a nigga from here, With a little
Am117 - G118 Am119 C120 - 62ambition, just what we can become here.
G121 Am122 63And as the father pass the story down to his son's ears Young get younger
F123 64every year,yeah
G124 Dm125 F126 65So if you love me baby this is how you let me know, Don't ever let me go,
Am127 - G,Am,C128 - 66thats how you let me know, baby
C129 G130 Am131 69Forever young I wanna be
F132 70Forever young
G133 Dm134 71Do you really want to live forever,
F135 Am136 - G, Am, C137 - 72Forever and ever
C138 G139 Am140 73Forever young I wanna be
F141 74Forevery young
G142 Dm143 75Do you really want to live forever,
F144 Am145 - G, Am, C146 - 76Forever, forever
C147 G148 79Slammin' Bentley doors, hoppin' outta Porsches
Am149 F150 80Poppin' Up on Forbes list
G151 81Gorgeous, hold up, Niggas thought I lost it
Dm152 F153 Am154 - G155 Am156 C157 - 82They be talking bullxxxx, I be talking more xxxx, They nauseous, hold up I'll
G158 Am159 F160 83be here forever You know I'm on my four xxxx I ain't with foreclosure I will
G161 Dm162 F163 84never forfeit Less than four bars Guru bring the Chorus in Did you get the
Am164 - G,Am,C165 - 85picture yet I'm painting you a portrait of Young
C166 G167 Am168 88Forever young I wanna be
F169 89Forevery young
G170 Dm171 90Do you really want to live forever,
F172 Am173 - G, Am, C174 - 91Forever Forever young
0 3 5 7 E B G D A E
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