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High School Musical - Bop To The Top Chords

  Mucho gusto!  Ay! Que fabulosa!
Gm F             Eb
   Ay! Ay! Ay!   Arriba!
Gm  F              Gm
            Mira me.

Gm           F                         Eb
I believe in dreaming shooting for the stars.
Gm          F
Baby, to be number one,
you've got to raise the bar.
Gm             F
a kickin and a scratchin,
grinding out my best,
Gm          F
Anything it takes to climb
the ladder of success.
Cm                        Dm
Work our tails off everyday.
We gotta bump the competition,
F             D7
blow them all away.

Caliente!  Suave!

                 Eb             F
Yeah we're gonna bop, bop, bop, bop to the top.
Dm7                 Gm
Slip and slide and ride that rhythm.
Eb            F
Jump and pop, hop til we drop
     Dm7    G7
and start again.

Eb             F
Zip, zap, zop, flop like a mop,
Dm7              Gm
scoot around the corner.
Eb7                                  D7
Move it to the groove til the music stops.

       D7        Gm         F
Do the bop, bop, bop to the top;
           Gm    Gm         F
Don't ever stop. Bop to the top.
Gimme gimme; shimmy, shimmy.
Cm                               Dm
Shake some booty and turn around
Flash a smile in their direction.
Show some muscle. Do the hustle.

                  Eb             F
Yeah, we're gonna bop, bop, bop, bop to the top;
Dm7            Gm
wipe away your inhibitions.
Eb                   F
Stomp, stomp, stomp, do the romp
      Dm7      G7
and strut your stuff.
Eb             F
Bop, bop, bop, straight
           Dm7           Gm
to the top going for the glory.
We'll keep stepping up
                  Dm7   D7
and we just won't stop, stop.
                 Gm  F  Eb
Til we reath the top.
Gm  D      Gm
Bop to the top!


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