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Helluva Boss - You Will Be Ok Chords

   C                 F            Am
It always seems more quiet in the dark
    Fm                  C
It always feels so stark
            F               Am
How silence grows under the moon
       Fm                Am
Constellations gone so soon
            Fm             E
I used to think that I was bold
            Dm                 Am
I used to think love would be fun
            Fm                E
Now, all my stories have been told
Except for one

[verse 1]
       C                 Em
As the stars start to align
           F              Fm
I hope you take it as a sign
                   C        Fm
That you will be okay
                    C       Fm
Everything will be okay

[verse 2]
           C                  Em
And if the seven rings collapse
             F                  Fm
Although the day could be my last
             C         Fm
You will be okay
                           C     Fm
When I'm gone you'll be okay

[verse 3]
            C             Em
And when Creation goes to die
        F              Fm
You can find me in the sky
              C         Fm
Upon the last day
And you will be okay...


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