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Frozen Ghost - Dream Come True Chords

Intro - Picking -: G0  C1  G2  D3
G4           D5    D6               E7
1Love of my life, I don't have a lot to give you
Am8           Am9       Am10             E11
2What's in my heart is all that I can really give you
Am12   Am13       F14      F15    F16 C17
3Love.undying love is all  I have
F18 F19    F20      C21          D22              E23
4a hand ful of words that might make you laugh
    E24    E25     Am26       Am27   F28
5And all  the   strength you  need
G29          C30       C31        C32        E33
6To make it through all your troubled times
E34 E35        E36     Am37
7I give all of my self to you
Am38    F39
8Only  you
G40             C41    Am42 G43
9My dream come true
G44           D45    D46             E47    E48    E49
11Love of my life, you are all I ever wan  ted
Am50         Am51     Am52         E53
12To be with you is all I ever really wanted
Am54   Am55             F56      F57    F58  C59
13You,.you've made my life a fai  ry tale
F60      F61    F62   C63         D64                E65
14You've ad   ded love to a life that was so stale
    E66    E67      Am68   Am69   F70
15And know that   I'll be   here
G71          C72    C73        C74      E75
16Always for you, when you need a friend
E76 E77        E78     Am79
17I give all of myself to you
Am80     F81
18Only you
G82             C83
19My dream come true
Am85        F86          C87              G88
22I've been waiting my whole life for you
Am89     F90          C91        G92
23Now my waiting is through
Am93      F94                 C95          G96
24All the nights I've spent dreaming I knew
Am97      F98                C99     G100
25That my dream would come true
Am101 E102
E103  E104    E105     Am106
28So ma   ny    nights
  F107          C108          G109
29I laid awake dreaming I knew
Am110  F111               C112    G113
30One day I'd be with you
Am114         F115         C116            G117
31Now all my nights of dreaming are through
Am118        F119              C120      G121
32'Cause my dream has come true
G122          F123
34Dream come true...


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