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Frozen 2 - The Next Right Thing Chords

[verse 1]
Eb                                 Abadd9
I've seen dark before, but not like this
        Bb                         Ebmaj7 Ab
This is cold. This is empty. This is numb.
    Cm            Ab        Bb
The life I knew is over. The light's are out.
      Ebmaj7                    Ab
Hello darkness, I'm ready to succumb.

[verse 2]
  Cm                 Abadd9
I follow you around I always have.
           Bb                       Ebmaj7 Ab
But you've gone to a place I cannot find
      Cm          Ab         Bb
This grief has a gravity, it pulls me down
      Ebmaj7                     F    G
But a tiny voice whispers in my mind:
        Cm            Bb
You are lost, hope is gone
        Eb      Ab
But you must go on
    Eb                 Bb
And do the next right thing

[verse 3]
Eb          Cm                    Ab
  Can there be a day beyond this night?
         Bb                   Ebmaj7 Ab
I don't know anymore what is true
  Cm              Ab           Bb
I can't find my direction, I'm all alone
   Ebmaj7                         F    G
The only star that guided me was you.
       Cm              Bb
How to rise from the floor
              Eb              Ab
When it's not you I'm rising for?
     Eb                 Bb
Just do the next right thing
        Ab         Bbsus4
Take a step, step again
      Eb  Ebmaj7 Cm Eb  Ab
It is all that I can to do
The next right thing

  I won't look too far ahead
B      G#m            A#m
  It's too much for me to take
D#m7b5                         Fm
But break it down to this next breath
This next step
            E      C#m7          G#sus4   G#
This next choice is one that I can make

[verse 4]
        C#m                B
So I'll walk through this night
     E                        A
Stumbling blindly toward the light
    E                   B
And do the next right thing
              A                B7sus4   B7
And with the dawn, what comes then?
            E        Emaj7           C#m           A
When it's clear that everything will never be the same again
          F#m7               E/G#
Then I'll make the choice to hear that voice
    A       B           E
And do the next right thing


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