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Fleet Foxes - Ragged Wood Chords

E0                  E1         Emaj72         E3        E4    E5 E6 Emaj77 E8 E9
0Come down from the mountain, you have been gone too long
E10              E11       Emaj712     E13    Dmaj714
1The spring is upon us, follow my only song
A15                                    E16
2Settle down with me by the fire of my young love
           B17               A18                E19
3You should come back home, back on your own now
E20              E21         Emaj722     E23      E24      E25 E26 Emaj727 E28 E29
6The world is a-live now, in and outside I know
    E30                E31      Emaj732     E33       Dmaj734
7You run through the forest, settle before the sun
A35                                     E36
8Darling, I can barely remember you be-side me
           B37               A38                E39
9You should come back home, back on your own now
    B40                                        E41
12And even in the light, when the woman of the woods came by
   A42                           E43
13To give to you the word of the old man
B44                                            E45
14In the morning tide when the sparrow and the seagull fly
    A46                        E47
15And Johnathan and Evelyn get tired
E48                G#m49     E50                       C#m51
18Lie to me if you will     at the top of Beringer Hill
B52          A53         E54     B55       A56        G#m57
19Tell me anything you want, any old lie will do
D58       C#m59  B60
20Call me back to you
21Back to you


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