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Feist - Brandy Alexander Chords

            A0              D1        A2
1Though I'd like to be the girl for him
                 A3        D4       A5
2  And cross the sea and land for him
          E6                 D7      A8
3In milky skin my tongue is sand until
        Bm9           E10              A11
4  The ever distant band begins to play
          A12     F#m13  D14
7He's my Brandy Alexander
        A15      F#m16   D17
8Always gets me into trouble
     A18       F#m19    D20
9But that's another matter
A21      F#m22  E23
10Brandy Alexander
         A24     F#m25  D26
11He's my Brandy Alexander
        A27      F#m28    D29
12Always gets me into trouble
     A30       F#m31    D32
13But that's another matter
A33      F#m34  E35
14Brandy Alexander
           A36               D37       A38
17Though I know what I love most of him,
     A39             D40        A41
18I'm walking on needles and pins
      E42              D43        A44
19My addiction to the worst of him
     Bm45       E46         A47  F#48 A49  D50
20The low moon helps me sing,
          A51     F#m52  D53
23I'm his Brandy Alexander
        A54       F#m55   D56
24Always gets him into trouble
   A57        F#m58    D59
25I hide that I am flattered
A60      F#m61  E62
26Brandy Alexander
          A63     F#m64  D65
27I'm his Brandy Alexander
        A66       F#m67   D68
28Always gets him into trouble
   A69        F#m70    D71
29I hide that I am flattered
A72      F#m73  E74
30Brandy Alexander
       F#m75    A76
33Goes down easy -easy-
           F#77     A78
34It goes down easy -easy-  -x7-
A79      F#m80  D81
35Brandy Alexander          -x4-


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