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Drake Bell - Makes Me Happy Chords

C0     F1
0hello let's go
C2         F3
1everybody must know
C4                  F5            C6
2there's love in my heart like a bomb
3It's blowing a song inside I'm singing
                                       C8        F9
4sunshine that your bringing now and it makes me happy
C10             F11     C12              F13
5Listen to the radio playin back in stereo
C14              F15        C16
6Sounds like my favorite song
7I'm humming along my head is ringing
                                           C18        F19
8And I just can't stop singing now cause it makes me happy
D720                        F21
9You're everything I need, handed from above
D722                 F23
10I can't get enough of your love
         C24        F25     C26 F27
11Cause it makes me happy
C28        F29     C30
12Makes me happy yeah
C31           F32
15Living in a day-dream
C33                     F34
16I'll show you what it all means
C35              F36           C37
17Spending some time in the sun
18Let's get up and run it's just beginning
20And I just can't stop singing now
         C39        F40
21Cause it makes me happy
D741             F42
22Like a fantasy that you never find
D743                   F44
23Right in front of me all the time
       C45        F46     C47 F48 -x3-
24And it makes me happy
Am49        F50               Am51            F52               Dm53
25I want it all but not too much I wanna feel the way you touch me
                          F54                               C55 F56 -x4-
26I'm the kind of guy who's always there to come and find you
D757                    F58
27Save the raining days for another time
D759                   F60
28I'm just here to say read between the lines
D761                    F62
29I'm so glad that your mind
          C63       F64
30Cause you make me happy
C65           F66
31you make me wanna sing
C67     F68   C69
32do do dodododo...


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