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David Bowie - Rebel Rebel Chords

D0                           E1  
0  You've got your mother    in a whirl 
1  She's not sure if you're a boy or a girl 
2  Hey babe                your hairs alright 
3  Hey babe                let's go out tonight 
4  You like   me    and     I like it all 
5  We like dancing  and    we look divine 
6  You love bands   when they play it hard 
7  You want more   and    you  want it fast 
A2                           D3                 Bm4                     E5 
9  They put you down    they  say I'm wrong       You tacky thing you put them on 
D6                           E7  
11   Rebel   Rebel       you've  torn you're dress 
12   Rebel   Rebel       you're face is a mess 
13   Rebel   Rebel       how could they know? 
D8 (Hold chord)                   E9 (hold chord open D10 note & back to riff) 
15   Hot tramp                I    love you so               
A11          D12         Bm13          E14 
17They put...say I' put... 


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