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Damien Dempsey - Sing All Our Cares Away Chords

Intro: C0 Em1 F2 G3
C4                                Em5
2Mary loves the grouse, hides the bottles round the house,
            F6                               G7
3She watches chatshows and the soaps, broken-hearted but she copes,
C8                                 Em9
4Michael's out of work, feels he's sinking in the murk,
        F10                          G11
5He's unshaven and a mess, finds it hard some days to dress
C12                               Em13
6Stevie smashes the delf, cos he can't express himself,
       F14                        G15
7He's consumed by rage, like his father at his age,
C16                           Em17
8Rits'a little child, have a lovely little smile,
           F18                                   G19
9This means nothing to her father, because he's never even seen her
   F20                        G21
12We sing, sing all our cares away
F22                            G23 G24
13We'll live, to fight another day
C25                              Em26
16Joey's off the gear, he's been clean for half a year,
        F27                               G28
17He gets bored out of his mind, but he's tryin to toe the line
C29                          Em30
18Maggie's in a chair, 'twas joyriding put her there,
             F31                            G32
19She puts the kettle on the boil, and shes always got a smile
   F33                        G34
22We sing, sing all our cares away
       F35                     G36
23We'll live, to fight another day
   F37                        G38
24We sing, sing all our cares away,
       F39                   Em40
25We'll live, to love another day,
        C41               G42
26We grow strong, from it all,
        F43              G44
27We grow strong, or we fall,
        C45               Em46
28We grow strong, from it all,
        F47             G48
29We grow strong, or we fall,
30We grow strong.


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