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Coldplay - People Of The Pride Chords

Em C D
Em C D
People on the left
C             D
People on the right
Got no line in sight
    C                   D
And people of the pride


[instrumental] x3
Em  G  Em  A  Em

[verse 1]
          Bsus4            C/G
There's a man who swears he's God
    C               B7
Unbelievers will be shot
          Bsus4       C/G
There's a man who walks around
        C                B7
Like he owns the fucking lot
          Bsus4          C/G
There's a man who takes his time
         C               B7
From his homemade cuckoo clock
       Bsus4        C/G
And he makes us march around it
     C                     B7
Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock

Em  G  Em  A  Em
Em  G  Em  A  Em

[verse 2]
          Bsus4        C/G
There's a crocodile cross-eyed
          C              B7
There's a turning of the tide
         Bsus4     C/G
We're no longer gonna fight for
         C                 B7
Some old crook and all his crimes
          Bsus4     C/G
There's a sewing up of rags
     C          B7
Into revolution flags
       Bsus4       C/G
Got to stand up to be counted
      C               B7
Be an anthem for your times

It's just work

G  D  Bm7  Am  Dsus4  D  Bm7

It's just work
It's not easy and
D                      Bm7
we could all be blown apart
    Am            Dsus4
And heaven is the fire escape
    D              Bm7
You try to cling to in the dark
          Em      G
It's just work, believe me
D                Bm7
Still my beating heart
      Am             Dsus4
We'll all be free to fall in love
     D              Bm7
With who we want and say
  Em    G     D   Bm7
Yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah)
    Am    Dsus4
yeah (yeah)
People of the pride


[outro] x4
Em  G  Em  A  Em


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