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Céline Dion - How Does A Moment Last Forever Chords

Bb  Bb/A  Bb/G  Bb/F
Bb  Bb/C  Bb/F  Bb/F

[verse 1]
Bb          F/A    Gm         F
How does a moment last forever?
Ebadd9              Bb
How can a story never die?
      F                 Bb
It is love we must hold onto
      Gm   C9       F7sus4  F7
Never easy, but we try
Bb             F/A      Gm        F
Sometimes our happiness is capture
Ebadd9                       Bb
Somehow, our time and place stand still
Cmadd9           Dm     Gm
Love lives on inside our hearts
    C7     D
And always will

Gm             Cm7
Minutes turn to hours,
F                 Gm  Ebm/Gb
Days to years and gone
    Bb/F      F              Gm      F
But when all else has been forgotten
Ebadd9     F
Still our song lives on

Bb  Bb/A  Bb/G  Bb/F

[verse 2]
Db          Ab/C          Bbm          Ab
Maybe some moments weren't so perfect
Gbadd9                Db
Maybe some memories not so sweet
        Ab                 Db
But we have to know some bad times
       Bbm        Eb7   Ab7sus4   Ab7
Or our lives are incomplete
Db             Ab/C     Bm         A
Then when the shadows overtake us
Gbadd9                      Db
Just when we feel all hope is gone
      Ebmadd9            Fm        Bbm
We'll hear our song and know once more
    Ebadd9       F
Our love lives on

Gb    Db    Ebm   Bbm  Db/Ab
Gb    Db    Ebm   Bbm  Db/Ab
Db  Db/C  Db/Bb  Db/Ab

[verse 3]
Db          Ab/C    Bbm         Ab
How does a moment last forever?
Gbadd9                  Db
How does our happiness endure?
            Ab              Db
Through the darkest of our troubles
        Bbm      Eb       Ab7sus4   Ab7
Love is beauty, love is pure
Db            Ab/C        Bbm        Ab
Love pays no mind to desolation
    Gb                             Db
It flows like a river through the soul
    Ebmadd9              Fm    Bbm
Protects, proceeds, and perseveres
     Ebadd9   F7
And makes us whole

Bbm              Ebm7
Minutes turn to hours,
Ab                  Bbm   Gbm/A
Days to years then gone
Db/Ab      Ab/C           Bbm       Ab
When all else has been forgotten
Gb         Ab          Bbm  Gbm/A
Still our song lives on
Db/Ab        Ab/C      Bbm       Ab
How does a moment last forever
Gb        Ab          Db
When our song lives on


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