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Bruce Springsteen - Secret Garden Chords

Intro: C0 Fmaj71 C2 Fmaj73
C4                     Am75                Fmaj76            Am7
1She'll let you in her house, if you come knocking late at night
C8                     Am79           Fmaj710             Am11
2She'll let you in her mouth, if the words you say are right
C12              Am713    Fmaj714                 Am15
3If you pay the price, she'll let you deep inside;
          C16  G17   Am18 G19       C20
4there's a secret garden she hides
Interlude: Fmaj721 Am722 C23
C24                     Am725  Fmaj726          Am27
7She'll let you in her car, to go driving around
C28                   Am729               Fmaj730             Am31
8She'll let you into parts of herself, that'll bring you down
C32                     Am733           Fmaj734              Am35
9She'll let you in her heart, if you got a hammer and a vice;
             C36  G37   Am38 G39          C40
10but into the secret garden, don't think twice
Interlude: C41 Fmaj742 C43 Fmaj744
Am45            Fmaj746          C47             G48
13You've gone a million miles, how far'd you get?
Am49                      Fmaj750           C51                G52
14To that place where you can't remember, and you can't forget
C53                      Am754               Fmaj755             Am56
17She'll lead you down a path, there'll be tenderness in the air
C57                        Am758         Fmaj759                    Am60
18She'll let you come just far enough, so you know she's really there
C61                      Am762    Fmaj763             Am64
19She'll look at you and smile, and her eyes will say
C65                  Am766     Fmaj767                Am68
20She's got a secret garden, where everything you want,
C69                    Am70
21Where everything you need,
            Am771     C72   G73   Am74    G75 C76
22will always stay, a million miles away.
Outro -x2-: C77 Fmaj778 C79 Fmaj780


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