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Bobby Darin - Beyond The Sea Chords

    G0    Em1  C2  D73         G4    Em5   C6     D77          G8  B79  Em10
1Somewhere       beyond the sea   Somewhere waiting for me
D711       G12         Em13     C14     E715  Am16
2My lover stands on golden sands
    D717     A18     Em19    C20       A721  D22  D723
3And watches the  ships that go sailing
    G24    Em25  C26  D727         G28   Em29     C30     D731           G32  B733  Em34
6Somewhere       beyond the sea  She's there watching for me
D735         G36        Em37       C38    E739  Am40
7If I could fly like birds on high
     D741          A42     Em43   C44      Am745  D746  Gm747
8Then straight to her   arms I'd go sail     ing
F#748    B49   G#50    E651  F#752      B53    G#54       E655   F#756        B57
11   Its far           beyond a star     it's near beyond the moon
A758  D59    Bm60  G61  A762       D63    Bm64     Em65         A766            D67   D768 Bm69
12  I know        beyond a doubt,   my heart will lead me there soon
14Verse 3:
D770     G71    Em72  C73  D774         G75     Em76      C77    D778        G79    B780 Em81
15 We'll meet        beyond the shore,  we'll kiss just as before
D782          G83     Em84      C85   E786  Am87
16Happy we'll be beyond the sea
    D788    A89    Em90    C91       A792   D793  G94
17And never a    gain, I'll go sail     ing.


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