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Attack on Titan - Call of Silence Chords

[intro a] x3
D  E  F#m

[intro b]
D  C#m  F#m

[verse 1]
          D           E    F#m
Don't you think about me enough ?
          D       E   F#m
I've been burning my heart out
            D            E      F#m
I've got to face, need to tell you
        D  E            F#m
I won't run because I'm reticent

D  F#m7

         D             E       F#m
You will know you're reborn tonight
        D                 E       F#m
Must be ragged but I stay by your side
     D            E              F#m
Even if my body's bleached to the bones
        D                  E          F#m
I don't want to go through that ever again

[verse 2]
          D    E        F#m
So cry no more, oh my beloved
             D         E        F#m
Go ahead, be proud and fight it out
            D   E           F#m
You are the one, our rising star
             D      E        F#m
You got this far to hold your ground


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