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Alexander Rybak - Funny Little World Chords

Intro -x2-: C0  G1  F2  G3
C4            Am5
1Suddenly I'm famous
    F6              G7
2And people know my name
           C8                   Am9
3I've got a thousand girls just waiting
    F10                G11
4And therefore it's a shame
     Am12                G13
5That my heart has been captured
        F14            G15
6By your funny little smile
    C16           Am17
7And finally I'm happy
   F18          G19
8If only for a while
C20              Am21
11People call me stupid
    F22                   G23
12For treating you like a queen
    C24            Am25
13But I don't even worry
       F26              G27
14'Cause you're my unforeseen
      Am28                  G29
15And I hope that you'll be with me
   F30          G31
16If only in my dreams.
    C32                 Am33
17But here you are next to me
           F34              G35
18And you're glad, or so it seems
    C36       G37        F38
21And I don't know for sure
22Where this is going
C40       G41        F42         G43
23Still I hope for more, and more
       C44         G45         F46
24'Cause who would know that you
      G47               C48
25Would treat me like a boy
      F49                G50
26And I treat you like a girl
27In this funny little world
      C52              Am53
30Don't promise me for ever
     F54              G55
31Just love me day by day
C56                Am57
32No one knows the future
      F58                 G59
33We're young, but that's OK
              Am60          G61
34'Cause you'll always be a part of me
    F62              G63
35Whatever life will bring
    C64              Am65
36And people have to bear with you
     F66            G67
37This silly song I sing.
     C68                   Am69
40Your boyfriends might be angry
   F70                    G71
41My girlfriends might be blue
    C72            Am73
42But no one can deny it
     F74             G75
43From now on I love you
  Am76               G77
44I have to say it's new to me
     F78             G79
45This feeling in my heart
      C80                 Am81
46Guess I've been kind of lonely
    F82                   G83
47And you've been kind of smart
49Chorus -x2-:
    C84       G85        F86
50And I don't know for sure
51Where this is going
C88       G89        F90         G91
52Still I hope for more, and more
       C92         G93         F94
53'Cause who would know that you
      G95               C96
54Would treat me like a boy
      F97                G98
55And I treat you like a girl
56In this funny little world.


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