A Great Big World - Hold Each Other chords

Gm Fsus4 D# A#   x2  
Gm                  Fsus4  
I miss the words we used to say  
D#                    A#  
I miss the sounds of yesterday  
Gm                  Fsus4             D# A# ( A5 )  
I miss the games we used to play like oh  
I was trapped inside a dream  
I couldn't see her next to me  
I didn't know she’d set me free like oh  
Gm   Fsus4               D#    A#  
Something happens when I hold her ( him ) 
Gm        Fsus4                  D# A#  
She ( He ) keeps my heart from getting older ( broken ) 
A5       Gm                     Fsus4                    D# A#  
When the days get short and the nights get a little bit colder ( frozen ) 
      Gm       Fsus4  
We hold each other  
        D#        A#  
We hold each other  
        Gm       Fsus4 D# A#  
We hold each other, mmmm  
Everything looks different now  
All this time my head was down  
He came along and showed me how to let go  
I can’t remember where I’m from  
All I know is who I've become  
That our love has just begun like oh  
If I’m stressing you that blessing that's sent from heaven  
These days start to feel like hours and hours feel more like seconds  
People judged us they couldn't see the connection  
When I look at you, it’s like I’m looking back at my reflection  
I don’t see nothing different, our pigments they coincide  
We hold each other so tight they couldn't break us if they tried  
My eyes are are those of the blind, I see no color or size  
I feel the love in your touch and I trust what’s inside your mind, ok  
I know that we've been through a lot  
I know that we both grew up  
You know I missed you a lot  
When I was young I was dumb  
Didn't think you'd fit in my plot  
And I appreciate the break because I love what we got now  
You give me chills and I can’t imagine you leaving  
If I could build a perfect person honestly you would be it  
And you know nobody knows you like I know you                        
I can’t wait to come back home so I can hold you  
0 3 5 7 E B G D A E
  • C1
  • D1
  • E1
  • F1
  • G1
  • A1
  • B1
  • C2
  • D2
  • E2
  • F2
  • G2
  • A2
  • B2
  • C3
  • D3
  • E3
1 3 5 A E C G

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