Metallica - Fade To Black chords

Bm0 Bm/A1 Bm2 A/C#3 Bm4 Bm/A5 Bm6 A/C#7 Bm8 Bm/A9 Bm10 A/C#11 Bm12 Bm13 /A14 Bm15 A/C#16 F617 E/G#18 E/B19 1
Am20 C21 G22 Em23 Am24 C25 G26 Em27 2
Am28 C29 G30 Em31 3Life it seems will fade away, drifting further every day.
Am32 C33 G34 Em35 4Getting lost within myself, nothing matters, no one else.
Am36 C37 G38 Em39 5I have lost the will to live, simply nothing more to give.
Am40 C41 G42 6There is nothing more for me. Need the end to set__
E43 __me free A44 C45 A46 D547 E548 8
C549 A50 C51 G#552 F#553 E54 A55 C56 A57 D558 E559 C560 A61 C62 G#563 F#564 E65 9
Am66 C67 G68 Em69 10Things not what they used to be, missing one inside of me.
Am70 C71 G72 Em73 11Deathly lost, this can't be real, cannot stand this hell I feel.
Am74 C75 G76 Em77 12Emptiness is filling me, to the point of agony.
Am78 C79 G80 13Growing darkness taking dawn, I was me, but now__
E81 A82 C83 14__he's gone____________
A84 D585 E586 16
C587 A88 C89 G#590 F#591 E92 A93 C94 A95 D596 E597 C598 A99 C100 G#5101 F#5102 E103 17
D5104 E5105 D5106 E5107 G5108 F#5109 D5110 D5111 E5112 D5113 E5114 G5115 F#5116 D5117 18
D5118 E5119 D5120 E5121 G5122 F#5123 D5124 19No one but me can save myself but it's too late
D5125 E5126 D5127 E5128 G5129 F#5130 D5131 20Now I can't think, think why I should even try.
D5132 E5133 D5134 E5135 G5136 F#5137 D5138 D5139 E5140 D5141 E5142 G5143 F#5144 D5145 D5146 E5147 D5148 E5149 G5150 F#5151 D5152 21Yesterday seems as though it never existed
D5153 E5154 D5155 E5156 G5157 F#5158 D5159 22Death greats me warm, now I will just say goodbye.
D5160 E5161 D5162 E5163 G5164 F#5165 D5166 E5167 G5168 F#5169 D170 A5171 G5172 A5173 B5174 G5175 B5176 A5177 B5178 A5179 G5180 A5181 A5182 24
B5183 A5184 G5185
0 3 5 7 E B G D A E
  • C1
  • D1
  • E1
  • F1
  • G1
  • A1
  • B1
  • C2
  • D2
  • E2
  • F2
  • G2
  • A2
  • B2
  • C3
  • D3
  • E3
1 3 5 E B G D

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