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Video Synchronization 30 seconds per song 45 seconds per song LIMITLESS
Create your Chord Book (playlist) 15 songs LIMITLESS*
View other Chord Book (playlist) 15 songs 15 songs LIMITLESS*
Save transposed chords
Private Chord Pages
Transpose chords 2 semitones 2 semitones 12 SEMITONES
Print Chord Pages transposed
colorized chords
font type
capo chords
Fretlight Connection
Change Font Type
Smart Capo 3 frets 3 frets 7 FRETS
$3,99 / month
$19,99 / 6-month
$34,99 / 1-year

* Up to 500 songs

You do not have to have a PayPal account in order to subscribe to myChordBook. Look for a section on the PayPal payment screen that reads "Don't have a PayPal account?" and click on that link. Afterwards, you can enter your payment details and PayPal will create an account for you to edit your subscription later.
mychordbook premium feature sync


In myChordBook, Chord Sheets are synchronized with YouTube videos. Therefore, it is much more easier to learn and play your favourite song compared to conventional methods. myChordBook also enables you to click on chords & lyrics in order to navigate through the video. Premium Users can enjoy limitless synchronization compared to the Freemium Users who can see only a fraction of the chord-video sync.

Create your ChordBook

No need to print and folder your Chord Sheets anymore. You can create your playlist (ChordBook) and save it on myChordBook. You can order & group songs and prepare different playlists for different audiences and moods. You can add songs to your ChordBook from myChordBook, from another users's ChordBook or you can create completely custom Chord Sheets for your taste. Premium Users can add up to 500 songs songs whereas Freemium Users can add up to 15 songs.
mychordbook premium feature chordbook

mychordbook premium feature profile

View Other Chord Books

ChordBooks also provides collaboration. You can use any users' public URL to display his/her ChordBook anywhere anytime. When you add a custom-made Chord Sheet from another ChordBook, you will see the updates made on the Chord Sheet at your ChordBook instantly. This can be very helpful when working with your band. for example, all band members can share the same Chord Sheet. Premium Users can see all public ChordBooks whereas Freemium Users can see up to 15 songs per ChordBook.

Private Chord Pages

All ChordBooks on myChordBook is public. So, everybody can see other users' ChordBook with their public URL. However, sometimes you need to create private Chord Sheets and keep them to yourself. Premium Users can create Private Chord Sheets whereas all Chord Sheets of a Freemium User is public.
mychordbook premium feature private

mychordbook premium feature transpose


One of the many problems musicians face is that it is very hard to transpose chords of a song according to your voice or vocalist. However, myChordBook transposes all chords in a song with a button click. Freemium Users can transpose up to 2 semitones whereas Premium Users can transpose up to 12 semitones, which is the full range. myChordBook also enables you to save any Chord Sheet to your ChordBook with your transpose preference. Only Premium Users can save their tranpose preference. Freemium Users can only save the original tone of a song to their Chord Books.


Sometimes you need a hard copy of a Chord Sheet. myChordBook has a superb print function that enables its Premium Users print Chord Pages with their transpose and font-type selection. Additionally, rich fingering diagrams can be added to the chord sheet for desired instruments.
mychordbook premium feature print

mychordbook premium feature fretlight

Fretlight Connection

Wired Fretlight Guitar, a special designed guitar which has LEDs on its fingerboard can connect to myChordBook and show chord fingering positions right on the guitar fingerboard as the video plays.


Premium Users can also change Font Type of Chord Sheets to customize their experience. Font Types also applies to your ChordBook and your PRINTS!.
mychordbook premium feature font

mychordbook premium feature loop


When learning a new song, it is very desirable to loop certain part of a song. Premium Users can loop any custom part of a song or loop the whole YouTube video.

Smart Capo

Premium Users can use Smart Capo function for first 7 guitar frets whereas Fremium Users can use it for up to 3rd fret. Smart Capo analyzes capo positions to find the easiest capo position.
mychordbook premium feature font