Blake Shelton - Gonna Lyrics and Chords

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0I'm gonna take you for a date 
C#m0 1Take you for a ride
A1 E2 2Gonna get you over there on the passenger's side
E3 C#m4 3I'm gonna put the radio on your favorite song
A5 E6 4I'm gonna crank it up and get you singing along
E7 6Hey, hey (Hey, hey)
C#m8 7Alright (alright)
A9 E10 8Girl I'm digging on hittin’ on you tonight
E11 9It ain’t a maybe, it's hopin’
C#m12 10I’m wishin’ I wanna
A13 11It's the damn right
E14 12Hold you tight, baby I'm gonna
E15 C#m16 A17 E18 x2 15
E19 16So what's it gonna take?
C#m20 17What's it gonna be?
A21 18We can pump it on the boulevard
E22 19Or kick it in the country
E23 20Me and you, you and me,
C#m24 21Money back, guaranteed
A25 E26 22Love you every night in Daytona, I'm gonna
E27 24Hey, hey (Hey, hey)
C#m28 25Alright (alright)
A29 E30 26Girl I'm digging on hittin’ on you tonight
E31 27It ain’t a maybe, it's hopin’
C#m32 28I’m wishin’ I wanna
A33 29It's the damn right
E34 30Hold you tight, baby I'm gonna
E35 32Love you all night long
C#m36 33Till the crickets stop chirppin'
A37 E38 34Girl I ain't just flirting, I'm certain
E39 35I'm working on a long term plan
C#m40 36Gonna be your man
A41 E42 37Gonna put a little rock steady on your hand
E43 C#m44 A45 E46 40
E47 41Hey, hey (Hey, hey)
C#m48 42Alright (alright)
A49 E50 43Girl I'm digging on hittin’ on you tonight
E51 44It ain’t a maybe, it's hopin’
C#m52 45I’m wishin’ I wanna
A53 46It's the damn right
E54 47Hold you tight, baby I'm gonna
E55 49Hey, hey (Hey, hey)
C#m56 50Alright (alright)
A57 E58 51Girl I'm digging on it, on you tonight
E59 52Ain't it immediate, it's open now
C#m60 53Wishing a woman
A61 54It's the damn right
E62 55Hold you tight, baby I'm gonna

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