Alessia Cara - Wild Things Lyrics and Chords

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A0                   C#m1 
0Find table space to say your social graces 
A2 C#m3 1Bow your head, they're pious here, but you and I, we're pioneers
A4 C#m5 2We make our own rules, our own room, no bias here
B6 3Let 'em sell what they are sellin', there are no buyers here
5So gather all the rebels now, we'll rebel rouse and sing aloud
6We don't care what they say no way, no way
7And we will leave the empty chairs to those who say we can't sit there
8We're fine all by ourselves
10So ay, we brought our drum and this is how we dance
11No mistakin', we make our breaks, if you don't like our 808's
12Then leave us alone, cause we don't need your policies
13We have no apologies for being
A7 15Find me where the wild things are
C#m8 A9 C#m10 16Oh my we'll be alright, don't mind us, yeah
A11 17Find me where the wild things are
C#m12 B13 18Oh my we'll be just fine, don't mind us, yeah
A14 19Find me where the wild things are
21I lose my balance on these eggshells
22you tell me to tread
23I'd rather be a wild one instead
24Don't wanna hang around the in crowd
25the cool kids aren't cool to me
26they're not cooler than we are
C#m15 B16 28We will carve our place into time and space
A17 E18 29We will find our way, or we'll make a way, say hey, hey
C#m19 B20 30Find your grace, don't you hide your face
A21 31And let it shine, shine, shine

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amber    29 June 2016

Scars to your beautiful by Alessia Cara please?

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