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myChorDBook is a chord platform which reaches millions of musicians everyday. You can help us spread music to the world by submitting new songs to our platform

Prepare your Chord Sheet

Use our Online Editor, which is the most advanced chord editor in the market in order to prepare your Chord Sheet

Please read our guide before submitting a song: Chord Sheet Guide

Sync it with the real song (optional)

You can even synchronize your chords and lyrics with the real song. Right now our editor supports YouTube. However, more options will be available soon

Again, please take a look at our guide for conventions: Chord Sheet Guide

Save / Submit

You can save your work to your computer using Online Editor. It is a special file (.mychordbook) which can be loaded from Editor later. This way, you do not loose any of your work, if you take a break. Especially if you are synchronizing your chord sheet with a video, depending on your experience, it can take some time. However, one you are comfortable, it usually takes about 3 times the song duration

Once you are done with your song, submit your Chord Sheet to myChordBook for approval


myChorDBook checks your song for safety reasons. If your song does comply with our Chord Sheet Guide, it gets approved and become publicly available through myChorDBook completely FREE. Usually approval takes please in 1-5 days.

If your song is not approved, it will be deleted from our system entirely. This is why it is very important for you to take a backup file before you submit your song. You will get an email what is the problem with your Chord Sheet. You can load your backup file, fix the problems and submit again

Check our tutorial before submitting a song

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