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Wax Fang - Majestic Chords

    D0  G1  A2  D3
    D4  G5  A6  D7
    Bm8 D9  Bm10 A11
    D12  G13  A14  D15
  D16                                                 G17
2a sight for sore eyes to the blind would be awful majestic
         A18                                              D19
3It would be the most beautiful thing that they ever had seen
         D20                                                      G21
4It would cause such surprise, it would make all of their minds electric
          A22                                                   D23
5How could anyone tell them that some things are not what they seem
   Bm24                                            D25
6In such disbelief, I thought I was asleep when I met you
   Bm26                                              A27
7My heart liquefied and I sighed, oh this must be a dream
     D28                                                              G29
8If I forget to set the alarm and sleep on through the dawn, don't remind me
    A30                                          D31
9I'd rather be dreaming of someone than living alone
Interlude -x2-: Bm32   D33   Bm34   A35
          D36                                                     G37
12If you're searching the lines for a point, well you've probably missed it
          A38                                 D39
13There was never anything there in the first place
    D40  G41  A42  D43
    D44  G45  A46  D47
    Bm48 D49  Bm50 A51
    D52  G53  A54  D55


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