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Usher - You Make Me Wanna Chords

Cm70 Fm71 G#maj72 G3  x2 
2You make me wanna leave the one I'm with 
Fm75           G#maj76                 G7 
3Start a new relationship with you, this is what you do 
   Cm78                            Fm79                      G#maj710 
4I think about a ring and all the things that come along with 
5You make me, you make me 
7Before anything began between us 
8You were like my best friend 
9The one I used to run and talk to 
10When me and my girl was having problems 
12You used to say it'll be okey 
13Suggest little nice things I should do 
14And when I go home at night and lay my head down 
15Last thing I think about was you and how 
17Now what's bad is you're the one that hooked us up 
18Knowing it should have been you 
19What's sad is that I love her but I'm falling for you 
20What should I do 
21Should I tell my baby bye bye 
22Should I do exactly what I feel inside 
23Could I, I don't wanna go, don't need to stay 
24But I really need to get it together 
G#maj712   A#13          G7/B14                 Cm715 
26At this point the situation's out of control 
   C#16                         A#sus417          A#18 
27I never meant to hurt her but I gotta let her go 
   G#maj719     A#20                           G7/B21          Cm722 
28And she may not understand it while all of this is going on 
  Bmaj723                              A#sus424 
29I tried, I tried to fight it but the feeling's just too strong 
                             G#maj725 G26 
31You make me wanna, you make me wanna 


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