U2 - Every Breaking Wave chords

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A0 C#m1 E2 B3 x2 1
A4 C#m5 2Every breaking wave on the shore
E6 B7 3Tells the next one there’ll be one more
A8 C#m9 4And every gambler knows that to lose
E10 B11 5Is what you’re really there for
A12 C#m13 7Summer I was fearlessness
E14 B15 8Now I speak into an answer phone
A16 C#m17 9Like every falling leaf on the breeze
E18 B19 B20 10Winter wouldn’t leave it alone, alone
A21 C#m22 12If you go
E23 B24 13If you go your way and I go mine
A25 C#m26 14Are we so
E27 B28 15Are we so helpless against the tide
A29 C#m30 16Baby every dog on the street
E31 B32 17Knows that we’re in love with defeat
A33 C#m34 18Are we ready to be swept off our feet
E35 B36 A37 19And stop chasing, every breaking wave
A38 C#m39 E40 B41 22
23Every sailor knows that the sea
24Is a friend made enemy
25And every shipwrecked soul, knows what it is
26To live without intimacy
28I thought I heard the captain’s voice
29It’s hard to listen while you preach
30Like every broken wave on the shore
31This is as far as I could reach
F#m42 A43 E44 B45 34
F#m46 A47 35The sea knows where are the rocks, and drowning is no sin
E48 B49 36You know where my heart is, the same place that yours has been
F#m50 A51 E52 37We know that we fear to win, and so we end before we begin
B53 38Before we begin
A54 C#m55 E56 B57 x4 41
0 3 5 7 E B G D A E
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1 3 5 E B G D

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