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Thomas Sanders - Birds Chords

Intro: E0
E1                           A2
2I don't wanna drive a fancy car today
              C#m3        B4       Am75
3I don't wanna ride in a red corvette
E6                    A7
4I don't wanna jog my Saturday away
      C#m8          B9       Am710
5But I don't wanna go home yet
E11                       A12
6Today is not the day to jump out of a plane
              C#m13          B14        Am715
7I don't wanna parasail or play roulette
E16                            A17
8I don't wanna risk it all or go insane
      C#m18          B19       Am720
9But I don't wanna go home yet
               A21         E22
12I just want to watch the birds go by
        Am623                        C#m24    C#m725
13From my handy foldable blue canvas throne
        A26          E27
14I wanna watch them fly and fly
    Am628                       C#m29     C#m730
15And see them soar up into the unknown
        A31                               Am32                           E33
16But I'd feel just like a nerd, watching birds, watching me here all alone
E34                            A35
19I don't wanna break dance or learn tai Kwon do
              C#m36                B37        Am738
20I don't wanna fish till all the fish are gone
E39                          A40
21I don't wanna roller skate even if it's slow
              C#m41          B42      Am743
22I don't wanna pass out in a marathon
E44                    A45
23I don't like soccer, baseball track or field
        C#m46       B47        Am748
24I'm not up for a match of polo
E49                     A50
25I don't wanna seek or try to stay concealed
         C#m51        B52         Am753
26I'm also not up for... water polo
             A54         E55
29I just wanna watch the birds up there
          Am656                          C#m57  C#m758
30Track the migratory patterns that they flow
        A59          E60
31I wanna watch them from my chair
        Am661                         C#m62   C#m763
32With my binoculars, my latte and my phone
   A64                         Am65                         E66
33Trying to spot a lark in the park parked in nature all alone
B67                                 A68
36Alone here with the doves and the sparrows and the ospreys
    C#m69                     A70
37The owlets, the eagles and my list
          B71                     A72
38It's just me and Mr. Finch, the robins, the kingfishers
    C#m73                                 B74
39The snipes, though I heard they don't exist
A75                          E76
40Each little species in its little way can teach me
     E777                        A978
41What awaits you if you can get away
        A79                  E80
44I wanna watch the birds do what they will
Am681                           C#m82   C#m783
45Sorry if I'm ornithologically prone
        A84                                  E85
46I wanna watch from somewhere undisturbing, quiet, calm and still
Am686                              C#m87   C#m788
47Sit right here and gaze at the unknown
A89                                             B90
50I don't wanna fly in the sky, I just wanna be alone.
52I just wanna be alone


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