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The Head And The Heart - Winter Song Chords

G0         G1                 G2            G3
6  Tell me something, give me hope for the night,
C4          C5           Am6       D7
7  We don’t know how we feel
G8             G9                G10          G11
8  We’re just praying that we’re doing this right
C12               C13              Am14        D15
9  Though that’s not the way it seems
12-same pattern throughout the song-
14Summer’s gone, now winter’s on its way
15I will miss the days we had
16The days we had
17I will miss the days we had
18The days we had
19Oh I’ll miss the days we had
21Loving, leaving, it’s too late for this now
22Such esteem for each has gone
23Has time driven our season away?
24Cause that’s the way it seems
26In the world of the speech that is new
27I’ll be back again to stay
28Again to stay
29I’ll be back again to stay
30Again to stay
31I’ll be back again to stay


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